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Once you have finished watching the videos and completed the quizes, you will be provided a link to obtain your certificate. You can also go to the certificate page here.

Simply log back in, using your confirmation email and password and you’ll be taken to the last place you were before you logged out:

  • Visit
  • Click Returning User / Log In
  • Enter the email and password you used to register for the course

Once you select an plan individual plan, you will receive an Access Coupon Code, which unlocks the course. If you purchase the course for your company, you will received an Access Coupon Code for your organization. Upon registration, you will receive instructions on how to use it and take the course. You may also have a Discount Code for a reduced price for purchasing the course for your company. Once applied, the total price will change to reflect the discount. Upon payment and registration, you’ll link directly to the Training Portal to take the course.

Some company firewalls or browser plugins can prevent it from running. If you cannot get the training to load in your browser, try the following: Use a standards browser; Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

  • Try to eliminate cookies and trackers.
  • Turn off ad blockers or anything that might try to block the page.
  • Try to access the course on a device outside your work network, like your home computer, or a smartphone or tablet using a cellular network.

Certificates expire after one year. All employees will need to re-certify after 12 months.

For all individual and group pricing, see our subscription plans here.

English is currently available, Spanish coming soon.

This course is designed for the general workforce, to help understand the basics of disease control. If you have a specific field or industry and would like a quote to provide a tailored approach, please contact us here.